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UW Biostatistics Highlights for 2021

UW Biostatistics community and member contributions and accomplishments during 2021.

Student Achievement

Mexicans in Statistics Consoritum UW Biostatistics students

Mexicans in statistics and health make COVID-19 complexities easier to understand

Graduate students with ties to Mexico came together to help people in that country understand its confusing COVID-19 detection program and formed an initiative explaining complex scientific issues in everyday language. Read more

Niki Petrakos

Student summer internship experience refocuses future plans

Niki Petrakos, among other Biostatistics students at UW, gain insight into work and research outside the classroom. Read story



Fleming, Gilbert, and Janes

Biostatisticians draft blueprints for COVID-19 vax trials

Fred Hutch News - Hutch research group including UW Biostatistics members Peter Gilbert, Ross Prentice, and Holly Janes apply skills honed during decades of HIV prevention trials to bring about safe and effective vaccines for a new pandemic. Read more


Art depicting woolly mammoth

Tracking a woolly mammoth

Analysis of a 17,000-year-old fossil has revealed remarkable details about the travel patterns of an Arctic woolly mammoth who, throughout its 28-year life, walked the equivalent of nearly two trips around the world. Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Amy Willis helped develop a sophisticated isotope-guided random walk approach as part of this team. Read more


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