After You Apply

After submitting your application, you are responsible for checking your application status page to ensure you’ve met all requirements. This page outlines all important steps.

Track Your Application

As an applicant, you are responsible for checking your application status page to track receipt of official TOEFL test scores and recommendation letters, and ensuring that they arrive by the application deadline.

Your application is complete when your application status page indicates that the test scores and minimum three recommendation letters are received. Disregard any other page within the application that may refer to the application status. The "application status" statement at the top of the application status page will remain "Submitted & Paid" until admissions decisions are made.

Test Scores

It will take 1-2 business days after you submit your application for the UW Graduate School application system to make an automatic link between your test scores and your application. Once linked, the application status page will show the test name and the date the UW received the scores from ETS.

If your test scores do not appear, check with ETS to confirm that your scores were sent to the University of Washington code 4854. You should then email the UW Graduate School at with a copy of your score report and request they are linked to your application. If your name and birthdate on your application do not match the information on your scores, the online application system cannot make an automatic match and will require a manual correction by the Graduate School. You may also follow up with the Graduate School by phone at 206-685-2630. The Biostatistics department is unable to make any changes to your application pertaining to test scores. 

Note again that UW is closed on the U.S. holiday Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday in late November). If you submit your application during this time, you may not see a status update until the following Wednesday.

If you submit your application on or near the deadline date (this is generally not advised to accommodate potential problems or delays), we will wait for the application system to link your application with your delivered test scores (they must be delivered to UW by the deadline).

Recommendation Letters

Once a recommendation letter is received, the application status will change from activated to received. You are responsible for following up with your recommenders as needed and ensuring that they submit their letters on time.

Review Process

Your application will be checked for completion and our departmental admissions committee will review the applications. Remote interviews may be conducted for select applicants to the PhD and MS Thesis programs. Select PhD candidates will be invited to visit the department.

Notification of Decisions

Decisions are made and sent to the email address provided in your application as shown in our Dates and Deadlines page; decisions may also be viewed on the application status page. Note that admissions decisions are not all made at the same time and may be sent out on different days. See the Dates and Deadlines page for updates. If the page indicates that decisions have been sent and you have not heard from us, contact the Admissions Coordinator.

Admission decisions are final and cannot be reversed. We regret that we are unable to provide individual feedback on applications, review additional materials, or reconsider applicants for another degree program. Therefore, make sure that your application is complete by the deadline.

Response to Offers

Admitted applicants must accept or decline their offers no later than April 15.