Center for Biomedical Statistics

The Center for Biomedical Studies (CBS) offers statistical consulting and data coordination for medical and health clinical studies focusing on patient care and clinical practice improvements.

Pictured left to right: CBS staff discuss data management and reporting for a study the CBS coordinates.
Data Coordinating Center Activity

CBS currently serves as the data coordinating center for the following clinical trials and research studies:


Our impact

The Center for Biomedical Statistics (CBS) collaborates with other UW scientists and investigators on research focusing on improving patient care or clinical practice. Neonatology, radiology, surgery, musculoskeletal and psychiatry are just a few of the medical and health related fields benefiting from our current studies.

How we work

We consult with groups to establish a strong analytical plan, getting involved in the early stages with study design, determining data capture methods, and putting systems in place for data management, quality control, and quality assurance. We guide projects through to completion, providing statistical expertise in analyzing, presenting, and archiving data.  The level of involvement we play on each project varies depending on need. We lead projects of all sizes including studies that require establishing large-scale data coordinating centers. 





Wienwipa Kirdpoo
Michael Nash
Robert Schmicker
Michael Singleton

What we do

  • Prepare research findings and presentation
  • Research data archiving
  • Grant preparation / study design
  • Choose statistical methods
  • Sample size determination
  • Randomization and blinding
  • Electronic data capture
  • High-dimensional data storage
  • Multicenter study coordination
  • Data and safety monitoring
  • Data analysis and cleaning
  • Manuscript review

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Selected Publications