Mental Health & Wellness Resources

The EDI Mental Health and Wellness subcommittee is actively compiling a list of resources for department members, with specific focus given to student resources.

Project status

Last revised: May 20, 2024

The EDI Mental Health and Wellness Resources list is intended to help department members navigate a complex network of support services and understand how to best take advantage of the abundant resources around Seattle (both locally on campus and beyond the campus boundaries) to help address mental health issues of all shapes and sizes.

UW resources primarily focus on students, and the list will bring awareness to common mental health issues and provide students with knowledge about how to sign up for counseling services, how costs are covered, and how long they can avail themselves of services, etc.

Another significant component of our resource list involves questions about navigating resources external to UW. These resources are available to all students, staff (including post-doctoral researchers), and faculty. It will include a visual walk through of https://uwcc.miresource.com, a UW-created resource to find local specialists.

The list will also provide insights about when to switch from internal UW resources to external resources, with guidance on finding specialists that match your health insurance, anticipating what to expect when signing up to meet with a therapist, and understanding how the cost and duration work with typical specialists. It will also point to cost less options (such as phone apps) and provide links to extra reading material on all these topics.

While this initiative is taking a bit longer to complete than anticipated, we plan to release it by the end of Spring quarter and update it before the start of next academic year's fall quarter. Please direct feedback and comments to the EDI Committee.