About Student Jobs

The large majority of positions posted on the Employment page will be assigned to students currently enrolled in the Department of Biostatistics PhD program to fulfill an admissions commitment of multi-year support. Those students are asked to submit applications to express their preference, availability, and readiness for specific positions.  Students currently enrolled in a different PhD program are welcome to apply, too, since sometimes the Department of Biostatistics' own PhD student cannot fill all available positions.  A strong track-record in biostatistics or statistics is the chief requirement of appointment; for TA positions, an applicant should have already earned a high grade in the course to be taught.  Students enrolled in Master's programs, including Biostatistics' MS Thesis and MS Capstone programs, are invited to submit applications as well, and will be contacted if there is a shortage of qualified PhD applicants.

Rights & Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to maintain good work ethics and satisfactory job performance as in any other type of employment. It is important to have a professional attitude towards your work no matter what research area or type of appointment. There is large variation among positions so each appointment should start with a discussion with about expectations of the student employee. Please refer to your "Job Duties" form for the exact expectations of your position and the criteria that will be used to evaluate your performance.
  • Hours - Students are expected to work the number of hours for which they are remunerated. A student supported on an RA or TA is obligated to provide approximately 220 hours of service per quarter (50% FTE, about 20 hours per week) or 110 hours per quarter for a (25% FTE, about 10 hours per week). In addition to performing the job in a satisfactory manner students are to maintain good academic standing in the program.
  • Required registration - Students with 50% FTE positions must register for full-time study throughout their appointments. Full-time graduate study is ten credits for Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, and two credits for Summer.
  • Vacation & Leave - ASE's are entitled to five days of vacation per quarter worked, normally to be taken during quarter breaks. An additional seven days of leave per year is available for sickness, disability, or family-related leave (birth, adoption, bereavement, or care of family member). See more information.
  • Union - Students with a RA, TA, and/or TG appointments are classified as Academic Student Employees (ASEs) and governed by a bargaining agreement between the UW and UAW Local 4121. See ASE rights and responsibilities.
  • Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action - The UW is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. For information about disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450, 206-543-6452 (TTY) or dso@uw.edu.