Taking Courses with Non-Matriculated Status

Non-Matriculated Student Status


If you wish to take classes without enrolling in a degree program or certificate, you may do so by first obtaining non-matriculated student status. This policy also applies to auditors.

  • You should enroll as a non-matriculated (NM) student unless you wish to apply the credits you earn toward a UW graduate degree in the future. Most people will fall into this category. For example, you should obtain this student status if:
    • You want to take courses for personal or professional development (e.g., BIOST 511517).
    • You need to fulfill prerequisites or strengthen your background prior to applying to our Biostatistics graduate program.
  • NM students may take any undergraduate or graduate level course.
  • Obtaining NM student status is a relatively simple process. Students may register up through the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • NM students pay less tuition and fees than other students.

Interested in a Future UW Graduate Degree?

The Department of Biostatistics does not accept graduate non-matriculated (GNM) student applications, which allows students to apply a limited number of credits to a future degree.

  • If you are interested in applying to a Biostatistics graduate program, courses taken as an NM student may later be waived and replaced with more advanced coursework; however, the course credits will not count towards the degree. 
  • If you need to strengthen your background prior to formally applying to the Biostatistics graduate program, you are strongly encouraged to strengthen your advanced math background instead of taking graduate level Biostatistics courses. Taking Biostatistics courses rarely overrides weaknesses in an applicant's math background. In addition, a strong math background is essential to do well in our core Biostatistics courses. Be sure to review all admissions requirements for the graduate program.
  • If you would like to take a Biostatistics course that applies towards a degree in a different department (e.g., Epidemiology), you should apply for GNM status with that department instead.


  • See tuition rates for most NM students at the Non-Degree Enrollment website.
  • Tuition rates for tuition-exempt employees are available at the Student Fiscal Services website. If you exceed 6 credits, you will be charged for the difference in tuition rates. Please contact Student Fiscal Services if you have questions pertaining to tuition.

How to Register

Instructions for UW Faculty, Staff and WA State Employees

  1. UW faculty/staff and WA state employees who are eligible for tuition exemption should carefully review the WA State Tuition Exemption Program website for details on eligibility, obtaining student status and tuition exemption, course registration, deadlines, and fees. If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Office at 206-543-8580 or
  2. Obtain NM status through the steps in the WA State Tuition Exemption Program website (NOT the steps immediately below).
  3. Register using the steps outlined in the WA State Tuition Exemption Program website (via MyUW, NOT through the Non-Degree Enrollment office).

Instructions for All Other Students

  1. Review registration procedures, important dates, and other information at the Non-Degree Enrollment website. For questions pertaining to obtaining NM status, please contact Non-Degree Registration Services.
  2. For most large, introductory courses such as BIOST 511 and 517, students do not need to request permission from the instructor; the department will sign the Registration Approval Form on behalf of both the instructor and the department. For other courses, you must obtain permission from the instructor. Note that some courses are strictly restricted to Biostatistics/Statistics students.
  3. Send the Registration Approval Form to our department at for signatures. Please do not include your social security number on the form.

Space-Available Registration

Tuition-exempt students cannot register until the third day of each quarter, and other NM students are also not registered until the start of the quarter. Priority must be given to matriculated students, and seats cannot be reserved in advance. For Biostatistics courses with add code restrictions (see the Biostatistics Time Schedule for a > or Restr note to the left of the course SLN), after Registration Period I begins, see the course comment in the Time Schedule for procedures to be placed on an add code waitlist. BIOST 517 does not have add code restrictions.

Auditing Courses

To audit a course, you must have student status, obtain permission from the instructor, register for the course, and pay standard tuition and fees. Please review the UW policy on auditing classes.