Housing & Transportation

Finding a Place to Live

Location is Key

  • First year especially, choose housing close to the campus.  

  • Find a place with easy access to a public transit route for at least the first year (MS) or first two years (PhD).

  • Students find housing is more affordable with a housemate, especially if you are living in a neighborhood further away from campus.

Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality.  The following resources will help you navigate.

Online Resources

Ask Around

Staff or students in the program are often the best resource if you are looking for new housing. They will have first-hand knowledge about selecting a great neighborhood, can answer specific questions you may have, and will also have knowledge about bus routes.

Student Advice

“My first year, I picked an apartment in the U District because I wanted a short bus ride or walk from campus and no roommate. This was great because I wanted to spend a lot of time on campus, and the U district has grocery stores within walking distance.”

“In my 2nd and 3rd years, I was happy to live in Sandpoint which was more isolated. I was focusing on my course work and the private laundry was super convenient. Having a roommate also saved me some money on rent. Now I’m rarely going to campus, so living in far west Ballard is great. I have time to do stuff (yay Ballard) and I’m happy to not have a roommate since I’m working at home every day. My rent is high, but it’s worth not being disturbed while I work.”