A reference to acronyms and abbreviations used frequently within the department and the field.


American Statistical Association, also referred to as Amstat, hosts the annual JSM Conference.

Biostat, Biostats, Biost

Most common abbreviations used that refer to biostatistics.


Center for Biomedical Statistics.  Location: mainly at the Tower


Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center.  Location: Sandpoint

Clinical Trials Center 

University of Washington Clinical Trials Center, also know as UWCTC. Location: Sandpoint


Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB).  Location: 1730 Minor Avenue


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (also referred to as the "Fred Hutch"), Location: 100 Fairview Avenue North

  • CITN - Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network

  • HPTN - HIV Prevention Trials Network

  • HVTN - HIV Vaccine Trials Network

  • MTN - Microbicide Trials Network

  • SCHARP - Statistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention 

Graduate Program

  • GPA - Graduate Program Advisor, the UW term for the staff member supporting a graduate program.

  • GPD - Graduate Program Director, department term for the faculty in charge of a graduate program.

  • GPC - Graduate Program Coordinator, UW term for the faculty in charge of a graduate program.


Group Health Research Institute. Website: Location: 1730 Minor Avenue, Seattle, WA.


Hans Rosling Center. Biostatistics has offices on the third floor. Location: 3980 15th AVE NE.


Health Sciences Education Building. Location: 1607 NE Pacific Street.


Health Sciences Building. Location: 1959 NE Pacific Street.


Health Sciences Library.  Location: 3rd floor of HSB T-wing. Access after hours requires HSB Access card. Entrance after hours is on the 2nd floor next to the T-wing elevators.


International Biometric Society

  • ENAR - Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric Society

  • WNAR - Western North American Region of the International Biometric Society


Joint Statistical Meetings conference. Biostatistics & Statistics departments hold a joint alumni reception at the conference every year.


Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium. Location: Sandpoint


A cafeteria and coffee stand located in first floor of H-wing. Location: HSB


UW Sandpoint campus. Location: 7600 Sand Point Way NE


Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Location: 1915 Terry Avenue

Stat Gen

Statistical Genetics (research, RA, training grant, Biost PhD degree pathway). Location: mainly in the Tower

Summer Institutes

  • SISG - Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

  • SISBD - Summer Institute in Statistics for Big Data

  • SISMID - Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases

  • SISCR - Summer Institute in Clinical Research


Generally refers to the student offices in the 3rd floor of T-wing. Location: HSB

Tower (or UWT)

UW Tower is campus building where Biostatistics offices are located.  Building access requires a UW ID. Location: 4333 Brooklyn Ave NE (corner of 45th and Brooklyn). Offices located on floor 15,


Veteran’s Administration. Location: 915 2nd Avenue