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2023 UW Biostatistics Highlights

UW Biostatistics community member contributions and accomplishments in 2023.


Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert shares how decades of HIV research and community activism shaped COVID vaccine development

In the early 1990s, Peter Gilbert was a University of Washington (UW) undergraduate, wondering what to do with his math degree. At this time, the HIV/AIDS epidemic was reaching its peak in mortality rates, and treatment for HIV (antiretroviral therapies) had not yet been developed. Not only were communities devastated by the epidemic, but people with AIDS were stigmatized for being infected. Gilbert wanted to do something to change this. 

“I felt some kind of calling to try to be compassionate through what I knew, which was math, and work toward making a difference in HIV,” Gilbert said.  

Gilbert has been making that difference, both in the field of HIV, and most recently, COVID-19. Gilbert is now a biostatistician and professor at UW, in the School of Public Health and Fred Hutch Cancer Center, where he works on the design and analysis of clinical trials of candidate vaccines for HIV and other infectious diseases.   Read the story

Faculty Leadership, Awards and Recognition

Photo of Bruce Weir

Bruce Weir, pioneer in statistical genetics and forensic science, retires

Weir retired from the University of Washington in August, but leaves a lasting legacy through the many biostatisticians, forensic specialists, and data scientists he has mentored and trained along the way.  Read the story

Student Achievement

Ellen Graham

Biostatistics student receives NSF research fellowship

Ellen Graham, a doctoral student in biostatistics at the University of Washington has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Read the announcement


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