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PhD student wins ISCB student paper award

Awan Afiaz

PhD student Awan Afiaz has received a Student Conference Award from the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics (ISCB) and will present his paper — "Optimal Sandwich Variance Estimator in Penalized GEE for Nearly Separated Longitudinal Binary Data" — at the organization’s annual conference in Thessaloniki, Greece in July.

The award recognizes original work that has not yet been published, is predominantly the student’s own work, and where the analysis has methodological implications or shows a novel and interesting application of biostatistics to clinical or epidemiological research.

“The opportunity to attend this year's conference is incredibly exciting, and I look forward to presenting my work on such a prestigious platform,” said Afiaz.

“Our research addresses and provides a solution to a real problem encountered by practitioners when working with small-sample longitudinal binary data. The contribution of our work is especially important in the context of resource-limited settings or when working with rare outcomes.”

As a graduate student and early-career researcher, Afiaz is grateful for the support and recognition from ISCB.

“I am excited to bring the knowledge and inspiration gained from this experience back to my upcoming research endeavors. I believe such an experience on an international platform will facilitate valuable networking opportunities as well as future collaborations."