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Biostatistics celebrates graduating students

University of Washington Biostatistics graduates from 2022 and 2021 were honored at a department graduation ceremony held on June 12, 2022.

Students attend graduation ceremony in 2022
Students graduating from PhD, MS Capstone, and MS Thesis programs were in attendance, as well as students graduating in 2022 and 2021.

The in-person event was virtually streamed to invited guests which included families, friends, advisors, classmates, and program faculty and staff. 

Opening the event, Professor of Biostatistics and Department Chair Lurdes Inoue remarked, “While graduate school poses challenges, the students graduating this year experienced additional challenges imposed by a pandemic, but that did not stop them from reaching their goals and achieving enormous accomplishments.” 

Jim Hughes addresses graduating students in 2022
Professor and MS Capstone Program Director Jim Hughes speaking at the event.

James Hughes, professor of biostatistics and MS Capstone Program director, stressed to graduates the importance of working with good data, key wisdom he learned from many years in the field. 

“It’s better to have good data and simple methods, than trying to create complex statistical methods to deal with bad data,” said Hughes.

2022 senior student awards announced

During the ceremony, senior student awards were also announced. These annual awards are given by the department and recognize excellence in scholarship, communication, and leadership.  Students recognized for 2022 were:

  • Iris Emerman, 2022 Senior MS Thesis Student
  • Taylor Keating, 2022 Senior MS Capstone Student
  • Yiqun Chen, 2022 Thomas R. Fleming Excellence in Biostatistics Award
  • Xiudi Li, 2022 Thomas R. Fleming Excellence in Biostatistics Award
  • Angela Zhang, 2022 Exceptional Service in Biostatistics Award

Read more about this year’s recipients.

Other students recognized

Previously announced honorees from the School of Public Health Excellence Awards were also recognized at the June 12 event.

  • Niki Petrakos, 2022 SPH Excellence Award, Outstanding MS Student, Biostatistics
  • Serge Aleshin-Guendel, 2022 SPH Excellence Award, Outstanding PhD Student, Biostatistics 
  • Yiqun Chen, 2022 SPH Excellence Award, Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Two student graduates in MS Capstone Program attending 2022 graduation event
Two MS Capstone students attending the 2022 graduation event.
Congratulations again to all of our outstanding students who participated in the celebration or were were attending via Zoom.
Faculty, staff, and guests applaud graduating students
Faculty, staff, and guests stand to applaud all graduating students and to recognize their achievements. 


PhD Students

  • Serge Aleshin-Guendel (2022)
  • Yiqun Chen (2022)
  • Adam Elder (2022)
  • Thayer Fischer (2022)
  • Spencer Hansen (2022)
  • Xiudi Li (2022)
  • Nanxun Ma (2022)
  • Anya Mikhaylova (2022)
  • Eric Morenz (2022)
  • Austin Schumacher (2022)
  • Arash Tarkhan (2022)
  • Ernesto Ulloa (2022)
  • Emily Voldal (2022)
  • Angela Zhang (2022)
  • Tianyu Zhang (2022)
  • Edward Zhao (2022)
  • Xu (Steven) Wang (2021)
  • Yunhua Xiang (2021)

MS Thesis Students

  • Xiaoyan (Rosie) Sun (2022)
  • Iris Emerman (2022)
  • Ningxin Ma (2021)

MS Capstone Students

  • Charlotte (Yujia) Cai, Statistical Genetics 2022)
  • Hantong Hu, Data Science (2022)
  • Yao Jiang, Data Science (2022)
  • Taylor Keating, Data Science (2022)
  • Qin Li, Data Science (2022)
  • Zichen Liu, Data Science (2022)
  • Jiawen Liu, Data Science (2022) 
  • Anh-Minh Nguyen, Data Science (2022)
  • Niki Petrakos, Data Science (2022)
  • Benjamin Stan, Data Science (2022)
  • Yongzhe Wang, Methods and Models (2022)
  • Yutong Wu, Data Science (2022)
  • Ning Yang, Data Science (2022)
  • Lingbo Ye, Methods and Models (2022)
  • Fred (Zifan) Yu, Methods and Models (2022)
  • Kaiyu Yu, Data Science (2022)
  • Ivy (Yue) Zhang, Data Science (2022)
  • Zihan Zheng, Data Science (2022)
  • Yunbi Nam, Data Science (2021)
  • Sirui Liu, Data Science, (2021)
  • Ziyu (Joanne) Xiao, Data Science, (2021)
  • Xinyi Yan, Data Science, (2021)


Photo Highlights

Members of the Department of Biostatistics may view all photos and the video recording of the program in the Biostatistics intranet. (Requires NetID)