Course Listings

BIOST 111 Lectures in Applied Statistics
BIOST 290 Introduction to Biomedical Research: Study Design and Interpretation
BIOST 302 Forensic Genetics
BIOST 310 Biostatistics for the Health Sciences
BIOST 311 Regression Methods in the Health Sciences
BIOST 401 Computational and Applied Genetic Epidemiology
BIOST 405 Introduction to Health Data Analytics
BIOST 406 Research Design and Statistics for HIHIM
BIOST 425 Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics
BIOST 499 Undergraduate Research
BIOST 502 Introduction to Statistics in Health Sciences
BIOST 503 Application of Statistics to Health Sciences
BIOST 504 Foundations of Public Health for Biostatistics
BIOST 505 Writing, Presentation, and Collaboration Skills for Biostatistics
BIOST 507 Health Data Analytics
BIOST 508 Biostatistical Reasoning for the Health Sciences
BIOST 509 Introduction to R for Data Analysis in the Health Sciences
BIOST 510 Biostatistics in Dentistry
BIOST 511 Medical Biometry I
BIOST 512 Medical Biometry II
BIOST 513 Medical Biometry III
BIOST 514 Biostatistics I
BIOST 515 Biostatistics II
BIOST 516 Statistical Methods in Genetic Epidemiology
BIOST 517 Applied Biostatistics I
BIOST 518 Applied Biostatistics II
BIOST 519 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods I
BIOST 520 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods II
BIOST 522 Statistical Inference for Biometry I
BIOST 523 Statistical Inference for Biometry II
BIOST 524 Design of Medical Studies
BIOST 525 Advanced Methods for Global Health III
BIOST 526 Bayesian Biostatistics
BIOST 527 Nonparametric Regression and Classification
BIOST 529 Sample Survey Techniques
BIOST 531 Statistical Methods for Analysis with Missing Data
BIOST 532 Research Ethics in the Data Sciences
BIOST 533 Theory of Linear Models
BIOST 534 Statistical Computing
BIOST 536 Categorical Data Analysis in Epidemiology
BIOST 537 Survival Data Analysis in Epidemiology
BIOST 540 Longitudinal and Multilevel Data Analysis
BIOST 544 Introduction to Biomedical Data Science
BIOST 545 Biostatistical Methods for Big Omics Data
BIOST 546 Machine Learning for Biomedical and Public Health Big Data
BIOST 550 Statistical Genetics I: Mendelian Traits
BIOST 551 Statistical Genetics II: Quantitative Traits
BIOST 552 Statistical Genetics III: Design and Analysis
BIOST 555 Statistical Methods for Spatial Epidemiology
BIOST 556 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
BIOST 557 Applied Statistics and Experimental Design
BIOST 558 Statistical Machine Learning for Data Scientists
BIOST 561 Computational Skills for Biostatistics
BIOST 562 Computational Skills for Biostatistics II
BIOST 563 Computing and Research
BIOST 565 Statistical Evaluation of Biomarkers
BIOST 570 Advanced Regression Methods for Independent Data
BIOST 571 Advanced Regression Methods for Dependent Data
BIOST 572 Advanced Regression Methods: Project
BIOST 576 Statistical Methods for Survival Data
BIOST 578 Special Topics in Advanced Biostatistics
BIOST 579 Data Analysis and Reporting
BIOST 580 Seminar in Biostatistics
BIOST 581 Statistical Genetics Seminar
BIOST 582 Student Seminar
BIOST 588 Special Topics in Biostatistical Practice
BIOST 590 Biostatistical Consulting
BIOST 591 Applied Research Project
BIOST 595 Biostatistics Master's Practicum
BIOST 596 Biostatistics Capstone I - Project Planning
BIOST 597 Biostatistics Capstone II - Project Implementation
BIOST 598 Techniques of Statistical Consulting
BIOST 600 Independent Study or Research
BIOST 700 Master's Thesis
BIOST 800 Doctoral Dissertation