Li Hsu

Li Hsu
Affiliate Professor , Biostatistics
Member, Public Health Sciences Division , Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Li Hsu is a biostatistician who develops statistical methods and conducts collaborative research including observational and clinical studies of cancer and other chronic diseases with an emphasis on analysis of survival outcome, genetics, and genomics data.

She has developed methods for absolute risk estimation and prediction, risk-based cancer screening, complex sampling designs, genome-wide association studies, gene-environment interaction, and integration genetics and genomics data analysis. 

She has analyzed genetic, genomic and lifestyle/environmental data in population-based and family-based studies with a focus on: genome-wide association analysis; disease risk prediction and validation;  gene expression and somatic mutations in tumor tissues; and integration of multi-omics data. She is also interested in large-scale observational and electronic health record studies and evaluating the impact of genetic, biomarker and environmental risk factors with various phenotypes, or observable traits, in real-world settings.


University of Washington
University of Washington
Computer Science
Nanjing University
Faculty Interests
Statistical methods and collaborative research including observational studies
survival outcome
Survival outcome genetics and genomics data
Genetic genomic and lifestyle/environmental data in population-based and family-based studies
electronic health record data
and risk prediction