Antonio Olivas-Martinez

Antonio Olivas Martinez
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I am from Mexico where I obtained a bachelor's degree in Mathematics at the University of Sonora, and a medical doctor degree as an Internal Medicine specialist at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán/National Autonomous University of Mexico (INCMNSZ/UNAM).

I joined the UW Biostatistics graduate program in Fall 2019, and I am currently a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Holly Janes. Our worked is focussed on developing new methods for the design and analysis of non-inferiority trials in the setting of HIV prevention. I also work with Dr. Andrea Rotnitzky on methods to estimate the efficacy of vaccines in preventing infection from a particular virus strain when there exists more than one strain.

I have also worked with Dr. Lurdes Inoue on individual patient data meta-analysis of clinical trials to evaluate the benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy (pacemakers) in patients with heart failure in different subpopulations; and with Dr. Ruth Etzioni on developing an analytic approach to examine the potential bias of the true sensitivity of a cancer screening test when it is estimated from a prospective screening program.

In addition, I collaborate with the INCMNSZ in the design and data analysis of projects regarding COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and liver transplantation; and with Mexicans in Statistics and Health, a group of graduate students in the US with ties to Mexico committed to explain complex scientific issues in everyday language.

I am open to many research areas, however, the topics I find most fascinating involve Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer. I am especially interested in statistical methods for clinical trials, cancer screening, longitudinal data analysis and causal inference.

Internal Medicine
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Universidad de Sonora
Universidad de Sonora