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Marco Carone named inaugural Norman Breslow Endowed Faculty Fellow

Marco Carone
Marco Carone

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Marco Carone has been named the inaugural Norman Breslow Endowed Faculty Fellow. The fellowship was established by former UW Biostatistics Department chair Norman E. Breslow and his family to enhance recruitment and retention of distinguished faculty in biostatistics. Breslow made pioneering contributions to methodological developments in survival and categorical data analysis, generalized linear mixed models, and outcome dependent sampling.

“Norm Breslow was one of the great minds that shaped modern biostatistics, a genuine scientific superhero,” said Carone. “As far back as my undergrad years, I remember being in awe at his achievements and looking up to him as an inspiration. I never imagined I would spend the early years of my career as his colleague, let alone receive a fellowship bearing his name. I am so thankful to the department for this honor, and to Norm, his wife Gayle and his daughters for their generosity."

Carone’s research focuses on the integration of modern learning techniques into the nonparametric and semiparametric analysis of epidemiologic data, which was the career-long focus of Breslow’s statistical research. Carone’s recent work involves statistical challenges arising from the analysis of HIV vaccine efficacy studies, and he continues to work closely with collaborators in neurology, environmental health sciences and critical care medicine.

 “Dr. Carone is a highly successful scholar and an amazing teacher. We’re proud to have him represent both the department and the legacy of Dr. Norm Breslow,” said Patrick Heagerty, who current holds the Gilbert S. Omenn Endowed Chair in Biostatistics.

Carone, who received the School of Public Health Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award in 2018, also serves as Affiliate Investigator in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

The Breslow fellowship complements the Breslow Endowed Lectureship, which was established in 2006 and is awarded to a biostatistical scholar who significantly contributed to methodology and applications in the health sciences.

Deb Nelson, Biostatistics communications and event manager