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Eric Morenz receives Boeing International Fellowship

Eric Morenz
Eric Morenz

Eric Morenz, a PhD student in biostatistics at the University of Washington, has been named a Boeing International Fellow and will spend twelve weeks in spring 2020 conducting research at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Morenz will work with two University of Washington Biostatistics graduates: Thomas Lumley (PhD ’98), professor in statistics at the University of Auckland, and Ben French (PhD ’08), chair of statistics at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Japan.

“The focus of our project is to implement methods in survey design and to contribute to the field of statistics research,” said Morenz. “My master’s thesis at McGill University was my first attempt to understand and contribute to the field of survey methodology, and during that time, Professor Lumley’s work was an inspiration to my own. Survey methods are everywhere, from election polls to mental health questionnaires. It is the principal of selecting a sample to infer at the population level.”

The fellowship is offered through the UW Graduate Program and is part of Boeing’s student-focused programs that encourage students to collaborate on innovative projects by working alongside thinkers, dreamers, designers and builders.

“This Boeing International Fellowship is the perfect opportunity to combine what I have learned as a student at the University of Washington with my desire to explore modern work in survey design.”

The Boeing International Fellowship is administered through the UW Graduate School and funds research and/or study periods of one quarter (three full months abroad). Awardees receive a stipend of $2,400 per month plus paid health insurance.