Research Centers

Our members conduct methodological research in a broad range of areas, including clinical trials, epidemiology, survival analysis, medical diagnostics, and statistical genetics.

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The Center for Biomedical Studies (CBS) offers statistical consulting and data coordination for medical and health clinical studies focusing on patient care and clinical practice improvements.
The Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center (CHSCC) provides study management and data collection for observational studies and randomized trials, collaborates with foundations and associations to establish national patient registries, and supports statistical analysis and methods development toward a better understanding of the prevention and treatment of disease.
The Genetic Analysis Center (GAC) develops and applies statistical methods to genetic data with the aim of discovering how genetic variation contributes to human disease and well-being.
The UW Clinical Trials Center (UW CTC) provides key leadership, infrastructure, and statistical project support to both complex and pragmatic multi-center clinical trials. Our expertise includes scientific study design, adaptive clinical trial management systems, regulatory knowledge, and overall project leadership.