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Graduate Program: Office Space Policy

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The department strives to provide desk space for all registered students. Assignments are made based mainly on seniority, with a few private offices reserved for PhD students actively working on their dissertations. All other space is shared. We currently have space in several locations within the Health Sciences Building: H-Wing (private), T-Wing, and E-Wing (all shared).

Each student is assigned a desk. T-wing and H-wing occupants are also assigned a key for their locking storage bins.

The policies regarding office space are:

  • Biostatistics student office space is for the use of Biostatistics students only.
  • Students may not move Biostat furniture or equipment, including any computer equipment without permission.
  • When changing offices, all keys must be turned in/picked up from the department secretary, who maintains the records of whom keys are checked out to.
  • Students should make every effort to treat office space as a work space rather than a social space, and to treat office mates with courtesy.
  • Department staff occasionally need to access offices on short (or no) notice to perform inventories or repair equipment. Staff will always knock before entering, and will be respectful of student space and will not touch/move personal belongings without permission. If staff need to enter student office space for other reasons (such as showing space to potential students), they will give occupants advance notice.
  • Students who have graduated must clean out their office and turn in their keys no later than one week after the end of their graduation quarter.

Please direct questions regarding this policy to the Graduate Program Curriculum Coordinator.

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