ARCH ives Modules

8th Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases

Module 10: Statistics and Modeling with Novel Data Streams

Week 2, Session 3, Monday 8:30 AM - Wednesday 12:00 PM: Mon Jul 18 to Wed Jul 20

This module focuses on digital data sources and novel data streams, such as, geo-localized population and mobility data, wearable devices, web participatory platforms and web search data or social media updates. We will provide an introduction to different digital data sources and technical challenges in their collection, storage, and analysis. The module will then review the integration of digital data sources with statistical and mechanistic modeling of infectious diseases. An introduction to the use of novel data streams time series for epidemic forecasting will be provided. The construction of synthetic populations and the calibration of highly detailed individual based models will be described. The class assumes familiarity with modules 1 and 2.