Appointment Process

How Appointments are Made

It is UW policy that an individual faculty member may not directly offer a position to a student. All employment offers and decisions must go through the Biostatistics Graduate Program office. Any faculty who has a RA or training grant position available, contacts the graduate program with a description of the open position and eligibility requirements.

RAs & Training Grants

  • Job posting: Faculty notify Graduate Program re: an available RA position or Training Grant opening, GPA posts the description on the Department’s internal website and sends an e-mail alert to the student mailing list that there is a new posting, students review the open position.
  • Application: Students apply by sending a letter of interest and CV to Graduate program forwards applications to the RA supervisor/TG Director who may contact applicants for an interview.
  • Selection: RA supervisor/TG Director sends GPA preference rankings, GPD reviews all information and makes appointments (in communication with the RA supervisor/TG Director ).
  • Offer: Graduate Program sends student an Appointment Letter and Job Duties Form via e-mail


  • TA assignments are done on a quarter-by-quarter basis.
    • Department determines which courses will receive TA support as well as the %FTE to be assigned (based on enrollment numbers)
    • All students qualified to TA are considered with priority given to PhD students needing to complete their TA requirement.
    • The Graduate Program reviews the requirements for each TA (level of experience, knowledge needed, etc), instuctor needs, and the interests of the students. As much as possible, TAs are matched to the student's area of interest, but this can't be guaranteed.
    • GPD makes appointments in communication with the TA instructor.
  • Offer: Graduate Program sends student a TA Appointment Letter and Job Duties Form via e-mail

Renewal Process

  • The graduate program reviews each student’s source of support. As a RA/TG appointment nears its end-date, the GPA contacts the RA supervisor/TG Director to find out if the appointment will be renewed. If yes, a new Appointment Letter is generated for the student.

Accepting an Appointment

  • To accept the appointment, student must meet with the RA supervisor/TA instructor/TG Director to review and sign the “Job Duties Form.”
  • This completed form which must then be sent (scanned pdf) to

Declining an Offer

  • If a student voluntarily declines or withdraws from an offer of support, the department is no longer obligated to provide support. This does not mean the department will not try to find support for such students; we will continue to make such efforts but with a lesser priority.
  • In rare circumstances, a student will have a compelling reason to withdraw from an RA or TA. These cases will be reviewed by the graduate program on a case-by-case basis. In the event the graduate program determines the student has a valid reason for leaving the position, the Department will not withdraw its support obligation to that student.