Charles Wolock

Charles Wolock
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I am a PhD student in Biostatistics. I graduated from Harvard University in 2015 with a BA in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and a Spanish language citation. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked as a research associate at the Institute for Genomic Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. My research focused primarily on non-invasive prenatal testing and rare variant association testing.

For my dissertation research, I work with Noah Simon and Marco Carone on nonparametric statistical methods, primarily applied to survival analysis. In one project, I have developed a new framework for estimating the conditional survival functions using flexible machine learning tools, without being limited to methods that explicitly account for censoring and truncation. I am also studying efficient nonparametric estimation of variable importance in survival analysis. Variable importance describes the contribution of a variable in predicting an outcome, relative to other available predictors. I am extending previous variable importance results to the time-to-event setting. In addition to my primary methodological research, I have had the opportunity to collaborate in a number of other areas, including personalized medicine and conservation biology.  

Outside of school, I enjoy backpacking, skiing, music, and spending time with my dog. 

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University