Master of Science

Earn your degree from a #1-ranked program, learn from internationally recognized faculty, and join an engaged community of students, faculty, and scientists.

Degree Programs

Master of Science Capstone (18 months)

  • Prepares students for career paths spanning a range of health-related and data-driven fields.
  • Features a fast-paced, 18-month, full-time program culminating in the completion of 50 credits and a professionally-relevant capstone project. Distance learning available for some classes in year two.
  • Offers a choice of three specialization areas: Data Science, Statistical Genetics, Modeling and Methods.
  • Provides opportunities to learn practical knowledge from innovative area research and industry professionals.

Master of Science Thesis (24-36 months)

  • Provides the rigorous academic preparation for students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree or research position in biomedical, clinical and laboratory settings within academia and private industry.
  • Features a 24-36 month, full-time program  culminating in completion of 63 credits and a research-based thesis.
  • Offers a wide range of general electives to complement core curriculum and fulfill course requirements.
  • Immerses students in a cutting-edge, research experience.