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Congratulations to our 2019 Biostatistics graduates

Family, friends, faculty and staff celebrated our 2019 Biostatistics graduates on June 16 at two events: the UW School of Public Health Commencement and a department ceremony in the afternoon.

Student graduates, 2019
Front row, left to right:  Alex Paynter, Marlena Bannick, Chaoyu Yu, Rui Zhang, Xiaowen Tian, Phuong Vu, Anqi Cheng. Second row, left to right: Brian Williamsen, David Whitney, Kelsey Grinde, Arjun Sondhi.

Student excellence recognized

At the department ceremony, doctoral student Kelsey Grinde accepted the Thomas R. Fleming Excellence in Biostatistics Award and Marlena Bannick received the 2019 Senior Student Award for the MS program. These awards recognize a student in each program who best demonstrates high achievement in coursework and exam performance, quality of thesis and publications, written and oral communication, and leadership.

Kelsey Grinde and Thomas Fleming
Kelsey Grinde receiving the 2019 Thomas R. Fleming Excellence in Biostatistics Award, the highest departmental honor given to a PhD student each year.
Marlena Bannick and Thomas Fleming
Marlena Bannick accepts the 2019 Senior MS Student in Biostatistics Award from Thomas R. Fleming.

Brian Williamson (PhD) was presented with the Exceptional Service in Biostatistics Award, an honor given to a graduating student for significant service to the Department, the School, and the wider biostatistics community.

Brian Williamson and Thomas Fleming
Brian Williamsen accepts the 2019 Exceptional Service in Biostatistics Award from Thomas R. Fleming.

Phuong Vu (PhD) and Alexander Paynter (MS) who were honored earlier this spring at the 2019 UW School of Public Health Outstanding Student Awards in Biostatistics were also recognized again during the ceremony.  The SPH Awards recognize exemplary students for their academic and research excellence, community service and commitment to the field of public health.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 graduates and award recipients for their dedication and achievement.

2019 Biostatistics student award winners

  • Kelsey Grinde, 2019 Thomas R. Fleming Excellence in Biostatistics, PhD program
  • Marlena Bannick, 2019 Senior Student Award, MS program
  • Brian Williamson, Exceptional Service in Biostatistics
  • Phuong Vu,  2019 SPH Outstanding PhD Student Award
  • Alexander Paynter, 2019 SPH Outstanding MS Student Award