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Allison Meisner awarded first place in ASA student paper competition

Allison Meisner
Allison Meisner

Biostatistics graduate student Allison Meisner has received first place in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Section's Student Paper Awards, a competition sponsored by the American Statistical Association (ASA).  The honor includes an award of travel funds allowing Meisner to present her winning paper, “Combining Biomarkers by Maximizing the True Positive Rate for a Fixed False Positive Rate” in Baltimore at the 2017 Joint Statistical Meeting. 

Meisner's research focuses on developing statistical methods for combining biomarkers for the purposes of diagnosis, prognosis, and screening. Much of this work was motivated by her time as a research assistant with the Translational Research Investigating Biomarker Endpoints in Acute Kidney Injury study, which seeks to use biomarkers to improve diagnosis of acute kidney injury and predict risk of negative outcomes after cardiac surgery.