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2017 Summer Institutes scholarship students represent broad array of disciplines

More than 400 students representing 138 universities and 12 research centers from around the world have been awarded tuition and/or travel scholarships to the 2017 Summer Institutes. Academic departments represented include traditional biostatistics partners like epidemiology and biology, as well as areas not often linked to biostatistics like anthropology, wildland resources, and engineering (see top ten list below).

The need for state-of-the-art statistical analysis of biological data has not waned since the UW Biostatistics Summer Institutes program began more than two decades ago.

"Biology is becoming much more quantitative these days," says Bruce Weir, Director of the Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics who founded the Summer Institutes program back in 1996. "There's just a lot of data coming across the spectrum: biology in general to biomedical sciences in particular."

The goals of the Summer Institutes are to (1) Provide a wide-range of short courses that focus on current statistical methods and analysis of biological data; (2) Enlist prominent educators and researchers in the field of biostatistics as instructors, and (3) Be accessible to a broad-base of students and researchers.

Three additional institutes have joined Statistical Genetics since that first year.  The Summer Institutes program also now includes Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases, Statistics for Clinical Research, and Statistics for Big Data. This year's Summer Institutes will take place July 10-28 at the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

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2017 Scholarships at a Glance

Number of 2017 scholarship recipients Number of national and international colleges and universities represented by those students Countries represented by those colleges and universities  

Top ten disciplines represented by scholarship recipients (in rank order)


Statistics, Mathematics and Statistical Services


Biology and Biological Services

Environmental Sciences



Public Health (other than epidemiology)

School of Medicine

Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Psychological Studies