Graduate student Jean Morrison receives the 2016 Omenn Award

May 26, 2016

Jean Morrison, graduate student in UW Department of Biostatistics, has been awarded the 2016 Omenn Award for academic excellence recognizing outstanding scholarship and commitment by the University of Washington School of Public Health. One of the many research projects she worked on at UW is the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos, a landmark epidemiological study of more than 16,000 Hispanics/Latinos to determine prevalence and risk factors for chronic diseases.

Jean is particularly interested in large-scale studies that use genomic sequencing data to evaluate genetic variation and identify factors that contribute to disparities in health outcomes. She tends to focus more on methods rather than outcomes. She considers the data that is available, the questions that need to be answered, then determines if existing statistical methods will work, or if new statistical methods would yield more accurate results. Read more about Jean's accomplishments.