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Changes in the spatial distribution of the under-five mortality rate: Small-area analysis of 122 DHS surveys in 262 subregions of 35 countries in Africa

February 6, 2019
A team of researchers that included UW Biostatistics Professor Jon Wakefield presented discrete time-space estimates of the under-five mortality rate in 262 regions in Africa.
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Five Amazing Things We Learned About History From Ancient DNA In 2018

December 28, 2018
Biostatistics professor Sharon Browning’s study is listed as one of the findings that contributed to “a major theme of human evolutionary studies this year: an emphasis on understanding the biological consequences of genetic variants that we inherited from our Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestors.”
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Washington Biostatistician Contributes to Study Linking Illegal Ivory to Three Major Cartels in Africa

ASPPH Connect
October 4, 2018
An international team led by scientists at the University of Washington have used DNA to identify three major networks responsible for smuggling large shipments of ivory out of Africa.
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Breakthrough study identifies 535 genes that influence blood pressure

UW School of Public Health
September 28, 2018
"This is the biggest ever study of blood pressure genetics," said co-author Ken Rice, professor of biostatistics at the School of Public Health.
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DNA testing of illegal ivory seized by law enforcement links multiple ivory shipments to same dealers

UW News
September 19, 2018
UW Biostatistics Professor Bruce Weir is part of an international team of scientists that has used DNA test results of large ivory seizures made by law enforcement to link multiple ivory shipments to the same network of dealers operating out of a handful of African ports.
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HIV care in the US sees big gains, but disparities remain

UW School of Public Health
September 7, 2018
Robin Nance, UW Biostat grad (MS ’04) and current doctoral student in epidemiology, is among the lead authors of this new study. She's credited with helping to develop the statistical models "that formed the backbone of the paper.”
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Dengue vaccine development taps new approach

UW News
August 25, 2018
There is a new, innovative approach to dengue vaccine development, according to a paper published Aug. 20 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington School of Public Health led the study.
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