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UW scientist who died in climbing accident remembered for love of outdoors, research impact

Seattle Times
September 3, 2019
Charles “Chuck” Spiekerman (PhD ’95), UW Biostatistics research scientist whose primary appointment was in the School of Dentistry, is remembered for his research impact and love of the outdoors.
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People using third-party apps to analyze personal genetic data

UW News
June 14, 2019
“It’s the proverbial ‘wild West’ of genetic interpretation,” said Sarah Nelson, a University of Washington research scientist in the Department of Biostatistics who recently completed her doctorate in the School of Public Health. Nelson is the lead author of a paper recently published in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
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Consumer genetic testing customers stretch their DNA data further with third-party interpretation websites

The Conversation
June 13, 2019
UW Biostatistics Research Scientist Sarah Nelson writes about her recent study that sought to better understand the perspectives, experiences and motivations of consumers accessing their raw genetic data and using third-party interpretation tools
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