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Kelsey Grinde

From teaching college-level statistics to working as a data scientist at Microsoft, our newest alumni from are off to some exiting new opportunities in the coming year. 

Kelsey Grinde

She studied applied mathematics and economics as an undergrad, now PhD candidate Phuong Vu is developing statistical methods to effectively analyze air pollution data.


A Genetic Ghost Hunt: What Ancient Humans Live On in Our DNA?

June 25, 2019
The article quotes UW Research Professor Sharon Browning: “The reality of human history is pretty complex,” she says. “If you simplify too much and don’t capture the right aspects of what really happened then you’re going to be comparing different models, all of which are wrong.”
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People using third-party apps to analyze personal genetic data

UW News
June 14, 2019
“It’s the proverbial ‘wild West’ of genetic interpretation,” said Sarah Nelson, a University of Washington research scientist in the Department of Biostatistics who recently completed her doctorate in the School of Public Health. Nelson is the lead author of a paper recently published in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
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