Job Nbr 86: TA, 50% or 25%, BIOST 513, Spring 2023, (May)

Supervisor: Susanne May
% FTE: 50% or 25% FTE,
Location: University of Washington
Closing Date:
Opportunity Type: TA

Full-time enrollment in a UW PhD Program, including the PhD program in the Department of Biostatistics or anther program with appropriate quantitative skills in statistics. Priority is given to students enrolled in the Department of Biostatistics to whom the Department has made a multi-year commitment. Students enrolled in a Master's program will be considered for an open position if no qualified PhD students can be identified.



Course Description: 

BIOST 513: Medical Biometry III (4) - Analysis of categorical data including two sample methods, sets of 2 x 2 tables, R x C tables, and logistic regression. Classification and discrimination techniques. Survival analysis including product limit estimates and the Cox proportional hazards model. Prerequisites: BIOST 512 or permission of instructor. 

Estimated Enrollment:  130 students

Standard TA Duties Include: 

  • Grading homework and exams 

  • Holding office hours to meeting with students to answer questions about assignments, readings, lectures 

  • Preparing and holding discussion sections 

  • Posting materials on Canvas website 

  • Preparing keys for homework assignments and exams 

  • Other activities as discussed with instructor/supervisor. 

Activities above may be required to be in person.  Remote option is at discretion of instructor. 


Job Dates
How to Apply:

Students should complete this application.  Note: you will be asked to identify this position by the job # and title listed above.  

Compensation:  This position pays $2,986 (50% FTE, pre-tax) or $1,493 (25% FTE, pre-tax) per month, using bi-monthly paydays.  .5 FTE appointment benefits include tuition or UWC2 course fee payments up to 18 credits, as well as some student fees; the student must pay approximately $259 per quarter in unwaived fees. .25FTE appointments do not include any benefits. 

Note:  Compensation rates and tuition and course fee details above assume a quarterly FTE level of 50% across all Academic  Student Employee (ASE) appointments.  If a student's quarterly FTE level is less than 50%, then they may be required to receive a higher salary rate while paying tuition or course fees out-of-pocket.  Compensation details may also be affected by other concurrent appointments, such as fellowships, training grant appointments, and other stipends.  Please contact your home department to understand your particular circumstances.

International students working more than 50% FTE will be required to secure CPT approval prior to beginning a position.  See details here. [https://iss.washington.edu/work/f1-employment/cpt/ ]

This appointment classifies you as an Academic Student Employee (ASE) and is governed by a collective bargaining agreement between the University of Washington and UAW Local 4121, which is found at the following website: https://hr.uw.edu/labor/unions/uaw/contract.   For more information regarding the UAW Local 4121 please visit their web site at: http://www.uaw4121.org.

The University of Washington is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. To request disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 / 206-543-6452 (tty) or dso@uw.edu.

If you have questions about this position, please contact the Department of Biostatistics at biostgp@uw.edu.