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20th Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics: Course Materials & Software

SISG Course Materials and Software

The following list links to the handouts and publicly available software (if any) used by each module from SISG 2014. UPDATED information about Course Materials and Software for SISG 2015 will be available in Spring 2015.

In 2015, there will not be a SISG Computer Laboratory NOR will there be a thumb drive available with module software as provided in past years. In some modules, participants require a laptop and will use it in all sessions. Additionally, participants are STRONGLY encouraged to download and install the software BEFORE coming to the Institute. Participants will have free online access while they are on the University of Washington campus.

This is a tentative list and subject to change; please check back here for updates.

Latest update: 07/15/2014 10:37:20 PDT

NOTE:**With regards to R package downloads, we have only listed those R packages specifically requested by the instructor. Additional packages required for successful installation of the specified packages are *not* explicitly listed here, as R normally resolves dependencies and downloads required packages automatically.

No Module Software

Module 1 Probability and Statistical Inference: Module 1 Handout
No Module Software
Module 4 (SISBID 1) Accessing Biomedical Big Data Module 2 Handout
No Module Software
Module 2 Molecular Genetics and Genomics: Module 3 Handout
No Module Software
Module 4 Bayesian Statistics for Genetics: Module 4 Handout
R 3.1.0
R coda
Module 5 Regression and Analysis of Variance: Module 5 Handout
R 3.1.0
R gee
R multcomp
2 data files required for class
Module 3 Introduction to R: Module 6 Handout
R 3.1.0
RStudio v0.98.945
Module 7 Gene Expression Profiling: Module 7 Handout (Storey)
Module 7 Handout (Gibson)
R 3.1.0
RStudio v0.98.945
Module 8 Population Genetic Data Analysis: Module 8 Handout
R 3.1.0
R package-hierfstat 0.04-10
Module 9 Elements of R for Genetics and Bioinformatics: Module 9 Handout
R 3.1.0
Module 10 Population Genetics and Association Mapping: Module 10 Handout
R 3.1.0
Module 11 Quantitative Genetics: Module 11 Handout
R 3.1.0
Module 12 Molecular Phylogenetics: Module 12 Handout
Instructor Webpage with Software List
Module 13 Advanced R Programming for Bioinformatics: Module 13 Handout
R 3.1.0
Rtools 2.12
Module 14 QTL Mapping: Module 14 Handout
QTL Cartographer
Module 15 Mixed Models in Quantitative Genetics: Module 15 Handout
R 3.1.0
1 data example file required for R
Module 16 Genetic Epidemiology: Module 16 Handout
No Module Software
Module 17 MCMC for Genetics: Module 17 Handout
R 3.1.0
Structure 2.3.4
Module 18 High-Dimensional Omics Data: Module 18 Handout
R 3.1.0
R package-cluster 1.15.2
R package-glmnet 1.9-8
R package-ISLR 1.0
R package-leaps 2.9
R package-MASS 7.3-33
R package-pls 2.4-3
Module 19 Statistical & Quantitative Genetics of Disease: Module 19 Handout
R 3.1.0
Module 20 Plant and Animal Association Mapping: Module 20 Handout
No Module Software
Module 21 Coalescent Theory: Module 21 Handout
Lamarc 2.9.1
MCMCRobot 2.11
R 3.1.0
Tracer 1.6
Module 22 Network and Pathway Analysis of Omics Data: Module 22 Handout
No Module Software
Module 23 Advanced Quantitative Genetics: Module 23 Handout
No Module Software
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