SISCR 2018 Modules

5th Annual Summer Institute in Statistics for Clinical Research (SISCR)

Module 5: Introduction to Clinical Trials II: Conduct and Implementation

Session 2: Tue Jul 24

Module date/time: Tuesday, July 24, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

This module presents topics regarding the conduct and implementation of clinical trials that build upon the key concepts introduced in the Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Trials I: Design. Participants in this module are encouraged to take Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Trials I: Design, although, this is not required for participants who believe they have the necessary background.

This one-day module focuses on choice of randomization strategies, blinding, specification of secondary endpoints, handling of missing data, study conduct and monitoring, the role of an independent data monitoring committee, and plans for reporting of the result. Throughout the module, the instructors emphasize pre-specification of these elements in a well-defined study protocol.

Access 2017 Course Materials (2018 materials will be uploaded to this page prior to the start of the module)