Comments & Photos

Participant comments and photos highlights from Summer Institutes 2016.

"I particularly enjoyed the hands-on, guided learning.  The instructor for the spatial modeling module was so enthusiastic. You could tell they loved what they there were doing and it was insipring."

- Karlyn, Summer Institutes 2016 Participant

”Statistical genetics is an inter-disciplinary field with a focus in genetics, statistics and informatics. Participating in this summer course enabled me to view the interdisciplinary nature of the field and led me to appreciate the need to be develop my skills in all disciplines."

-  2016 SISG Participant

"I attended SISBID as a refresher for Machine Learning coursework I had previously completed. The instructors did a wonderful job tailoring the program to a diverse audience with varying levels of experience.""

- Nancy, 2016 SISBID Particpant

"A really informative and remarkable experience."

- 2016 SISCR Participant

"Statisticians, by virtue of seeing data and research efforts from all sorts of areas (biomedical, clinical, financial, political, social/communication networks, etc.) are uniquely positioned to be innovators, carrying insights and techniques from one disparate field into another.""

- 2016 SISBID Particpant

"I love the lectures and hearing instructors present original work. Their understanding of the material is very good."

- 2016 Summer Institutes Participant

"It was a privilege to participate in these courses."

- 2016 SISCR Participant