22nd Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

Module 16: Cancer Genetic Counseling & Interpretation

Week 3, Session 5, Monday 8:30 AM - Wednesday 12:00 PM: Mon Jul 24 to Wed Jul 26

This new module anticipates the new training program in genetic counseling at the University of Washington.

Genetic testing is on the rise. Women are routinely offered genetic testing during pregnancy. And more people are offered genetic screening to identify risks for common disorders like cancer and heart disease, in addition to genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis and dementia.

This means that more people are facing tough choices and questions, such as: Is this the right test for me? What will I find out about my health or the health of my children? Will my insurer discriminate against me?

Genetic counselors can help people find answers in order to make informed decisions. There is a substantial unmet need for genetic counselors and this module, taught by leaders of the UW Genetics Clinic, surveys the methodology used in the field and provides illustrative case example.