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22nd Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

Module 14: Advanced Quantitative Genetics

Week 3, Session 5, Monday 8:30 AM - Wednesday 12:00 PM: Mon Jul 24 to Wed Jul 26

This module focuses on the genetics and analysis of quantitative traits in human populations, with emphasis on estimation and prediction analysis using genetic markers. It is a good match with Module 18: Statistical & Quantitative Genetics of Disease that deals with similar topics but with a focus on disease (binary) outcomes.

Topics include: the resemblance between relatives; estimation of genetic variance associated with genome-wide identity by descent; GWAS for quantitative traits; the use of GWAS data to estimate and partition genetic variation; principles and pitfalls of prediction analyses using genetic markers.

A series of computer exercises will provide hands-on experience of implementing a variety of approaches using R, the Merlin suite of software, PLINK and GCTA (