22nd Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

Module 5: Population Genetic Data Analysis

Week 1, Session 2, Wednesday 1:30 PM - Friday 5:00 PM: Wed Jul 12 to Fri Jul 14

This module serves as a foundation for many of the later modules. It includes:

  • A unified treatment for the analysis of discrete genetic data, starting with estimates and sample variances of allele frequencies to illustrate genetic vs statistical sampling and Bayesian approaches.
  • A detailed look at Hardy-Weinberg and linkage disequilibrium, including the use of exact tests with mid-p-values and a new look at X-chromosome Hardy-Weinberg testing.
  • A new characterization of population structure with F-statistics, based on allelic matching within and between populations with individual inbreeding and relationship estimation as a special case.

Analyses illustrated with applications to forensic science and association mapping, with particular reference to rare variants. Concepts illustrated with R exercises.