Final Exam

The purpose of the final examination is to enable the Supervisory Committee to assess whether the student has produced a dissertation that is a significant contribution to biostatistical knowledge and that the student has PhD-level training in biostatistical research. After a successful final exam, the student must submit a final dissertation to the UW Graduate School. This final version of the dissertation should address any issues raised in the final exam, to the satisfaction of the Supervisory Committee.

Scheduling Your Final Exam

  • You will provide your reading committee members a copy of your final written dissertation in advance of seeking their approval.
  • Each member of the committee must read it and agree you are prepared before it is approved for you to move forward with the exam.
  • Once you receive approval, you may apply to take your final exam. You must apply at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam.
  • Plan for your exam to occur no sooner than 15 days (minimum) after receiving approval.