Timing of electives may vary from what is listed below. Please discuss when to take your electives with your advisor.

  Autumn Winter Spring Summer
1st Year STAT 512
Statistical Inference
STAT 513
Statistical Inference
Biostatistics I
Biostatistics II
BIOST 5612
Computational Skills for Biostatistics I
BIOST 5622
Computational Skills for Biostatistics II
Elective (optional) Elective
Select Thesis Advisor
2nd Year BIOST 536
Categorical Data Analysis
Survival Data Analysis
Elective Elective Graduation
Select Thesis Advisor
BIOST 590 3
Consulting (Sum of 1st Year; or Aut, Win, or Spr of 2nd Year )
MS Thesis

Course Notes

  1. BIOST 580 Department Seminar. Six quarters are required. The department recommends that students register for and attend seminar every quarter.
  2. BIOST 561 and BIOST 562 Computational Skills. In preparation for work on their Thesis, students are expected to master research, presentation, and computational skills at the level covered in BIOST 561 and BIOST 562. Taking these courses in the first year of MS studies is recommended.
  3. BIOST 590 Consulting. This is a required course and MS students typically take it at the end of Year 1 or during Year 2. Enrollment is limited to 4-6 students per quarter so advance planning is necessary. Students may email bcurric@uw.edu to sign up for a quarter

MS Milestones

  1. MS theory exam follows spring quarter of year 1.
  2. MS thesis is completed by the end of year 2.