Programs & Degrees

Our graduate program offers a rigorous foundation in both statistical theory and state of the art methodology, preparing you for your career.

Master of Science (MS)

Earn an MS in Biostatistics to prepare for careers such as a biostatistician, research scientist, or data analyst. We offer two MS degree options:

  • Master of Science Capstone  - An 18-month, full-time degree with choice of specialization and a capstone project. Designed for students who wish to enter the job market upon graduation.
  • Master of Science Thesis - A 24-36 month, full-time degree with a research-based thesis. Designed for students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree or research position in biomedical, clinical and laboratory settings.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Earn a PhD in Biostatistics to prepare for a careers such as an independent investigator, educator, or highly-qualified practitioner of biostatistics. We offer a Standard Pathway and a Statistical Genetics pathway.

Non-Degree Options

Take courses as a non-degree student, or consider an online or on-campus certificate.