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Courses: Non-UW Students (NM, GNM)

Information for Non-Matriculated Students: This information is for people who are not UW students and who want to take one or more Biostatistics courses. There are two options available: Non-Matriculated status and Graduate Non-Matriculated status.

Non-Matriculated (“NM”) student status should be obtained by people who want to take courses for personal or professional enrichment, or who need to fulfill prerequisites prior to applying to our graduate program. Most graduate-level courses may be taken with this status (e.g., BIOST 511, 517). Classes taken via this status CANNOT be applied to a future degree.


  • Obtain permission from the course instructor**
  • Follow the registration procedures at the Non-Degree Enrollment website
  • Bring registration forms to the department for signatures (see “Contact Info” below)


** Instructor permission/signature is NOT needed for BIOST 511 or BIOST 517; bring forms directly to department staff for all signatures.

Graduate Non-Matriculated (“GNM”) student status is another option for people who intend to apply to our graduate program at a later date and who wish to apply up to 12 credits of course work to a possible future degree. All other students should apply for NM status. GNM status is more difficult to obtain and requires a rigorous application process. Students who are admitted to this status are restricted to courses that are core courses in our MS, MPH or PhD programs. Courses that satisfy program prerequisites should be taken as an NM student. Students who need to fulfill prerequisites or to otherwise strengthen their background before applying to our graduate program should enroll as an NM student. The NM status is not handled through our department and does not require transcripts or approval other than from each individual course instructor.

Graduate Non-Matriculated APPLICATION PROCESS:

  • Apply on-line through the Graduate School Application website (Deadlines: September 1 for Autumn; December 1 for Winter; March 1 for Spring; May 15 for Summer. Deadlines are strictly enforced.)
  • Submit unofficial transcripts for all college-level work via the online application.
  • Submit a detailed 1-2 page Statement of Purpose via the online application. This should include a list of courses you plan to take, your interest in our department’s graduate program, and your future goals.

TUITION EXEMPTION: Students in either category who are faculty or staff members at the University of Washington may use the tuition exemption benefit. Information on this benefit may be found at the Registrar's Office Tuition Exemption website.
Tuition-exempt GNM students still fill out the application above, but REGISTER via MyUW. Tuition-exempt NM students obtain student status DIFFERENTLY from regular NM students (see web site) and also register via MyUW.

AUDITORS: Students may audit courses with permission of the instructor. You must have a STUDENT STATUS in order to audit a course, and you must pay regular tuition fees (unless requesting a faculty/staff tuition exemption). Please refer to the UW policy on Auditing Classes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need GNM status to take graduate-level (500 and above) courses?
No. NM students are allowed to take 500-level courses, the process is much simpler, and the tuition fees are lower for NM students.

I want to take a Biostat course that will apply towards a degree in another department. Which department do I apply for GNM status with?
You should apply for GNM status in the department to which you will eventually apply, even if the courses you want to take are in a different department. Example: you want to apply to the graduate program in Epidemiology. BIOST 511 is a required course in their program, and you want to take it and apply those credits towards a future EPI degree. You would apply for GNM status through the EPI department, but would obtain registration form signatures from the BIOST department.

I need to meet pre-requisites so I can apply to your graduate program. Should I get GNM status?
You should take prerequisite courses as an NM student. These courses do not count towards a future degree in Biostatistics.

What courses should I take that will apply towards a degree? Should I meet with an advisor?
We have a small staff with limited availability for advising; we therefore recommend communicating via email to:

GNM students typically take either BIOST 517 or STAT 512 (Autumn) and BIOST 518 or STAT 513 (Winter), as these are the first-year applied and theory courses taken by our graduate program students.

What are the deadlines?
Non-Matriculated: students may register up through the first two weeks of the quarter.

Graduate Non-Matriculated: application deadlines are September 1 for Autumn quarter; December 1 for Winter quarter; March 1 for Spring quarter; and May 15 for Summer quarter. If you miss these deadlines, you may still take courses as an NM student but the credits will not count towards a future degree.

Contact Information

NM registration form signatures:

  • Admissions Coordinator
    Health Sciences Building, F-600
    Phone: 206-616-6790
    CALL FIRST OR Forms may be faxed to: 206-543-3286
    OR forms (PDF) may be emailed to:
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