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Prospective Students: Financial Support

Financial Support: Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and traineeships (fellowships) are available for student support during the academic year. Traineeships are restricted to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. (Trainees received a stipend plus partial remission of tuition and fees.) Ph.D. students are supported by RA and/or TA appointments and do not pay tuition. (They are only responsible for the UW student fees.) MS students are not supported and are responsible for their tuition and fees. MS Funding Award: one-two MS students per year may be admitted with an offer of funding based on their previous record and potential for future contributions to the field. (This decision is made during admissions and all MS applicants are considered.)

Types of support:

Traineeships/Training Grants (Fellowships): All traineeship stipends are for approximately $1,800 per month and 60% of tuition. There is no work obligation. Each trainee is expected to enroll for ten credits per quarter. Students must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent resident status to be eligible. Traineeships are restricted to Ph.D. students. The tuition that the training grants do not cover is usually made up for by a ten-hour-per week Research Assistantship. Information on the training grants awarded in the Department of Biostatistics providing traineeships is available by clicking here.

Graduate Assistantships: A research assistantship appointment requires 220 hours of work per quarter by the student. Two types are available: teaching assistant (TA) and research assistant (RA). A student's tuition is paid by the employing department except for students fees. Students with a RA and/or TA receive health insurance coverage.

Research Assistantships: There are a number of research assistantships available which are associated with the various research projects of faculty of the Biostatistics Department and other departments. Duties include data processing, statistical analysis, report writing, etc. Students holding research assistantships are expected to enroll for at least ten credits each Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters, and for two credits in Summer quarter.

Teaching Assistantships: A limited number of teaching assistantships are available associated with courses taught by the faculty of the Department of Biostatistics. Duties include grading homework papers, providing lab instruction, and holding office hours. Teaching assistants are expected to enroll for at least ten credits per quarter.

Research &Teaching Assistantships Pay Rates

MS students (20 hours/week): approx. $2,200/month (before taxes) plus tuition

Ph.D. students (20 hours/week): approx. $2,200/month (before taxes) plus tuition

Satisfactory progress: A recipient of financial support must make satisfactory academic progress towards his or her degree as well as perfom the position's job duties at a satisfactory level. If a student cannot meet these two requirements then the department can withdraw support.

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