Research Staff

No picture available Aalbers, Sanne Visiting Scientist
No picture available Affleck-Asch, William Database Manager
No picture available Bartz, Traci Research Scientist
Photo of Mary Lou Biggs Biggs, Mary Lou Project Director and Epidemiologist
Blank, Kristina Project Director and Research Scientist
Broome, Jai Research Scientist
No picture available Bulger, Eileen Co-Pl, Trauma
Buth, Erin
Photo of Petra Buzkova Buzkova, Petra Biostatistician
Photo of Kevin Cain Cain, Kevin Senior Biostatistician
No picture available Case, Erin Research Assistant
No picture available Chapman, Nicola Research Scientist
Photo of Bryan Comstock Comstock, Bryan Senior Research Scientist
No picture available Dasiewicz, Alison Research Scientiest and Epidemiologist
Photo of Michelle Doyle Doyle, Michelle Program Coordinator