Biostatistics Student Seminar: Katie Wilson

Presentation: Space-Time Analysis of Survey Data

Speaker: Katie Wilson, Graduate Student, UW Biostatistics

Abstract: Much of our information on health outcomes come from surveys and censuses, especially in the developing world. In this talk, we focus on several issues that can arise when analyzing this type of data and methods that can be used to address these problems. Ultimately, we are interested in understanding trends in health outcomes over time and identifying where in a country disparities may exist. We first consider analyzing survey data taken at known GPS locations in combination with census data, which are outcomes aggregated over space. We next describe how to incorporate survey data, but with missing GPS locations. Finally, in the context of child mortality, we show how to use data derived from birth histories that have varying degrees of detail in terms of when births and deaths occur in time.

Wed, Jan 24, 2018, 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Room F-643 (HSF)

Student Coordinators: Phuong Vu, Arjun Sondhi, and Tyler Bonnett