Biostatistics Student Seminar: Travis Hee Wai

Presentation: Google Street View Air Pollution Data for Epidemiology

Speaker: Travis Hee Wai, Graduate Student, UW Biostatistics

Abstract: Cohort studies in air pollution epidemiology aim to establish associations between health outcomes and air pollution exposures. Statistical analysis of such associations is complicated by the multivariate nature of the pollutant exposure data and a limited number of regulatory monitoring network locations. Even where present, conventional air quality monitoring lacks the spatial resolution needed to characterize heterogeneous human exposure. As part of an Environmental Defense Fund study, two Google Street View vehicles were equipped with a fast-response pollution measurement platform and repeatedly sampled every street in a 30-km2 area of Oakland, CA, collecting 3 x 106 1-Hz observations over 1 year. Using the resulting NO, NO2 and black carbon data at 30m-scale we aim to find representative air pollutant profiles and examine the multi-pollutant correlation structure..

Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Room F-643 (HSF)

Student Coordinators: Phuong Vu, Arjun Sondhi, and Tyler Bonnett