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The Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington is a leading center of research in developing biostatistical methods. In 2007 the Chronicle of Higher Education ranked our Department as one of the top biostatistics departments in research productivity. Members of the Department conduct methodological research in a broad range of areas, including clinical trials, epidemiology, survival analysis, medical diagnostics, and statistical genetics. The Department maintains an Online Technical Reports Series through the Collection of Biostatistics Research Archive (COBRA). Faculty, research staff, and students also collaborate with scientists in many other departments to advance knowledge in public health, biology, and medicine.

Faculty Areas of Expertise/Interest

Bayesian Biostatistics: Brown; Cook; Hoff; Hubbard; Inoue; Rice; Rutter; Szpiro; Wakefield

Cancer Research: Barlow; Benedetti; Breslow; Cook; Etzioni; Fleming; Hoering; Hoff; Hsu; Inoue; Kooperberg; Kopecky; Leisenring; Pepe; Peterson; Self; Storer; Tangen; Thornton

Cardiovascular Research: Brown; Brumback; Diehr; Hallstrom; Kronmal; Lumley; Nelson; Rice; Wahl; Wijsman; Yanez

Categorical Data: Breslow; Di; Emerson

Causal Inference: Chen; Dai; Gilbert; Zhou

Classification Techniques: Lu; Pepe; Witten; Zhou

Clinical Trials: Anderson; Barlow; Benedetti; Brumback; Chan; Dai; Emerson; Etzioni; Feng; Fleming; Gilbert; Gooley; Hallstrom; Hoering; Hughes; Inoue; Kooperberg; Kopecky; Kronmal; Leisenring; Lumley; May; Pepe; Peterson; Polissar; Richardson; Self; Storer; Tangen; Temkin; van Belle; Zhou

Computational Biology: Kerr; Kooperberg; Shojaie; E. Thompson; Thornton; P. Wang; Wijsman; Witten

Correlated Data: Anderson; DeRouen; Heagerty; Hsu; Leroux; Lumley; Mancl; Peterson; Szpiro; L-P Zhao; Zhou

Cystic Fibrosis Research: Brumback; Emond; Kronmal; Sheppard

Decision Theory: Inoue; Lu; Pepe; Rice; Zhou

Dentistry Research: DeRouen; Leroux; Mancl

Environmental Statistics: Cook; Lumley; Polissar; Sheppard; Szpiro; M. L. Thompson; van Belle

Epidemiology: Barlow; Breslow; Chan; Dai; DeRouen; Heagerty; Hsu; Kopecky; Leisenring; May; McKnight; Nelson; Polissar; Prentice; Rice; Richardson; Sheppard; Szpiro; M. L. Thompson; Wakefield; van Belle; Zhou

Experimental Design: Kerr; Pepe; Peterson; van Belle

Functional Data Analysis: Brumback; Di; Kooperberg

Health Services Research: Chan; Diehr; Polissar; Zhou

High-Dimensional Data: Shojaie; Witten

HIV/AIDS Research: Brown; Chen; Fleming; Gilbert; Hughes; May; Richardson; Self

Infectious Diseases Methodology: Halloran; Hughes; Nelson; Richardson

Longitudinal Data Analysis: Breslow; Brown; Brumback; Chan; Cook; Di; Diehr; Heagerty; Hubbard; Lumley; Mancl; May; Peterson; Rutter; Self; M. L. Thompson; Yanez; Zheng; Zhou

Markov Models: Diehr; Hughes

Measurement Error: Di; Rice; Szpiro; C-Y Wang; Yanez; Zhou

Medical Diagnostics: Barlow; Leisenring; Pepe; Polissar; Rutter; M. L. Thompson; Zheng; Zhou

Missing Data: Gilbert; C-Y Wang; L-P Zhao; Zhou

Mixture Models: Emond; Feng; Hoff

Multiple Testing: Chan; Emond; Rice

Multivariate Methods: Lu; Shojaie; Wahl; Witten

Neurological Health: Temkin; Wijsman; Zhou

Non-Parametric Statistics: Cook; Kooperberg; Kronmal; Tangen; Zhou

Ophthalmology: Barlow

Semi-Parametric Models: Chan; Di; Emond; Gilbert; C-Y Wang; Wellner; Zhou

Sequential Analysis: Emerson; Fleming; Nelson; Zhou

Spatial Statistics: Cook; Szpiro; Wakefield

Sports Statistics: Barlow; Peterson

Statistical Computing: Cook; Emerson; Heagerty; Kooperberg; Kronmal; Lumley; Peterson Szpiro

Statistical Consulting: Polissar; Temkin

Statistical Genetics: S. Browning; Dai; Emond; Gilbert; Hsu; Kerr; Kooperberg; McKnight; Lumley; Rice; E. Thompson; Thornton; Wakefield; Weir; Wijsman

Statistical Machine Learning: Shojaie; Witten

Statistical Network Analysis: Shojaie; Witten

Stochastic Processes: Chan; Holte; Prentice; Wellner

Survival Analysis: Anderson; Barlow; Breslow; Brown; Chan; Chen; Cook; Emerson; Fleming; Gilbert; Hsu; Huang; Kopecky; LeBlanc; Lu; May; McKnight; Peterson; Prentice; Self; Storer; Temkin; C-Y Wang; Wellner; Zhou

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