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8th International Conference on Forensic Inference and Statistics

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In recent years, the area of statistical reasoning applied to forensic science has undergone a rapid growth and development both theoretically but also in applied research, becoming a highly interdisciplinary field. Indeed the domain brings together police officers, forensic scientists, jurists, scholars from related disciplines and statisticians with a view to understand the constraints, mechanisms and opportunities to provide statistical and inferential support to the decision making process either at level of the investigation or in court. It is within this interdisciplinary framework that we are pleased to host the 8th International Conference on Forensic Inference and Statistics.

This conference is the only forum where all these actors can meet and exchange the many and varied aspects of probability and statistics in legislative, administrative and judicial proceedings. It is the only regular conference in the world offering a place for such a debate.

A significant part of the conference will be devoted to professional development in this specific field in order to increase cross-discipline awareness. All professionals engaged in the process are concerned with decision making under uncertainty. There is a lot that jurists can teach to statisticians and forensic scientists on how best to use their expertise within the legal environment and to present their methods and conclusions in a clear and intelligible way to lay persons. There is also the converse opportunity for statisticians for example to expose how best should their testimony be understood in order to avoid misinterpretation in court.

Please join us at the University of Washington this coming Summer in Seattle. Information on the conference program, short courses, registration, lodging, local area transportation and social activities can be accessed via the menu on the right.

The Washington State Bar Association has approved the July 18, 2011 ICFIS program for 7 hours of general CLE credit, and the July 19-21 ICFIS conference for 18 hours of general CLE credit.


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