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Graduate Program: M.S. Program: Electives

Electives - Master’s and PhD: In addition to the courses listed below, students with prior approval may choose other courses to fulfill the electives requirements. Please see the detailed procedures for gaining approval for a course not listed below. (UW NetID is needed to access the course approval form.)

Elective List One (Methodologic Emphasis): Electives are labelled "MS" for Master’s students and "PHD" for PhD students.

A = autumn quarter; W = winter quarter; Sp = spring quarter; Su = summer quarter

MS PHD AMATH 351 Introduction to Differential Equations and Applications, AWSpSu
MS PHD AMATH 352 Applied Linear Algerbra and Numerical Analysis, AWSpSu
MS PHD AMATH 584 Applied Linear Algebra & Introductory
Numerical Analysis, A (with Math 584)
MS PHD AMATH 585 Numerical Analysis of Boundary Value Problems, W(with Math 585)

MS PHD AMATH 586 Numerical Analysis of Time Dependent Problems, Sp(with Math 586)

MS PHD BIOST 524 Design of Medical Studies, Sp
BIOST 527 Nonparametric Regression and Classification, Sp
PHD BIOST 529 Sample Survey Techniques
BIOST 533 Theory of Linear Models, Sp
MS PHD BIOST 534,STAT 535 Statistical Computing I,II, Sp, A

PHD BIOST 536 Categorical Data Analysis in Epidemiology, A

PHD BIOST 537 Survival Data Analysis in Epidemiology, W
MS PHD BIOST 540 Correlated Data Regression, Sp
MS PHD BIOST 550 Statistical Genetics I: Mendelian Traits, Sp
MS PHD BIOST 551 Statistical Genetics II: Quantitative Traits, A
MS PHD BIOST 552 Statistical Genetics III: Design and Analysis, W
MS PHD BIOST/EPI 555 Spatial Epidemiology, W
BIOST 570 Advanced Applied Statistics and Linear Models, A
BIOST 571 Advanced Applied Statistics and Linear Models, W
MS BIOST 572 Advanced Applied Statistics and Linear Models, Sp
MS PHD BIOST 573 Statistical Methods for Categorical Data, Sp
MS PHD BIOST 576 Statistical Methods for Survival Data
MS PHD BIOST 578 Special Topics in Advanced Biostatistics, AWSpSu

MS PHD HSERV 522 Health Program Evaluation, A
MS PHD HSERV 523 Advanced Health Services Research Methods, A

PHD STAT 491 Introduction to Stochastic Processes, A (with Math 491)

PHD STAT 492 Stochastic Calculus for Option Pricing, W(with Math 492)

PHD STAT 521,2,3 Advanced Probability, A Stat 521; W Stat 522; Sp Stat 523
(alternate years)

PHD STAT 542 Multivariate Analysis (alternate years)

Elective List Two (Biology or Public Health Emphasis): The following list is for both Master’s and PhD students.

BIOL 472 Community Ecology, A
EPI 511 Introduction to Epidemiology, A
EPI 512,3 Epidemiologic Methods I,II, A Epi 512; W Epi 513
*EPI 514 Application of Epidemiologic Methods, Sp
EPI 517 Genetic Epidemiology, Sp(with Phg
EPI 519 Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease, A
EPI 520 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, W
EPI 524 Epidemiologic Studies of Cancer Etiology & Prevention, W
EPI 527 Vaccines, A
EPI 529 Emerging Infections of International Public Health
(with HSERV 536); in residence odd years; online even years
EPI 530 AIDS: A Multidisciplinary Approach, A (with Med 530)
EPI 532 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in Resource-Limited Countries (odd years)
EPI 533 Pharmacoepidemiology, Sp even years (with Pharm 533)
EPI 538 Nutritional Epidemiology, A (with Nutr 538)
EPI 539 Research Methods in Developing Countries, W (G H 531)
EPI 540 Introduction to Cancer Biology, Sp (even years)
EPI 542 Clinical Epidemiology, Sp
EPI 546 Psychiatric Epidemiology, Sp
EPI 549 HIV/STI Prevention Research Methods, Sp
EPI 590 Selected Topics in Epidemiology or International Health, AwSpS
ENVH 511 Environmental and Occupational Health, W
ENVH 533 Molecular Toxicology, W
ENVH 570 Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, Sp (with EPI 570)
ENVH 577 Risk Assessment for Environmental Health Hazards, A (with CEE 560;PBAF 589)
GENOME 371 Introductory Genetics, AWSpSu
GENOME 372 Genomics and Proteomics, AWSpSu
GENOME 453 Genetics of the Evolutionary Process, A
GENOME 562 Population Genetics, W
HSERV 510 Society and Health
HSERV 511 Introduction to Health Services and Public Health
HSERV 541 Topics in Maternal and Child Health I
**HUBIO 512P Mechanisms in Cell Physiology, A
**HUBIO 514P Biochemistry I-A, A
HUBIO 524P Biochemistry I-B, W
MICROM 301 General Microbiology, AWSpS
PCEUT 510 Drug Interactions
PCEUT 501 Advanced Pharmacokinetics
PCEUT 502 Pharmacokinetics of Drug Metabolism, odd years
* Course has an enrollment limit. Preferences given to Epi PhD students.
** To enroll in this course, a student and his or her advisor must request permission in writing. This is subject to approval by the Course Chairman and the Curriculum Committee for the Medical School.
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