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Breakthrough study identifies 535 genes that influence blood pressure

UW School of Public Health
September 28, 2018
"This is the biggest ever study of blood pressure genetics," said co-author Ken Rice, professor of biostatistics at the School of Public Health.
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DNA testing of illegal ivory seized by law enforcement links multiple ivory shipments to same dealers

UW News
September 19, 2018
UW Biostatistics Professor Bruce Weir is part of an international team of scientists that has used DNA test results of large ivory seizures made by law enforcement to link multiple ivory shipments to the same network of dealers operating out of a handful of African ports.
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How Carolina is transforming medicine with artificial intelligence

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Communications
September 17, 2018
UW Biostat alum Michael Kosorok (MS ’91, PhD ’91) is a distinguished professor at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and chair of its Department of Biostatistics. In this article, he discusses how artificial intelligence could soon play a critical role in medical care. “What I’m interested in my research is how we can use AI to make good decisions in medicine, so for example, whether to give a patient drug A or drug B,” said Kosorok.
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