Public Health Genomics Symposium

This second annual Seattle event brings together people from academia, research organizations and the private sector with an interest in genomics and its applications to public health. Prominent Seattle scientists will discuss their latest work, and other participants are welcome to present their research in poster format. The symposium will also provide an excellent opportunity to establish new relationships and partnerships. The event is free, but advance registration is required and attendance is limited to 200 people.

Integrating genomic and non-genomic data to drive lifestyle behavior change
Jennifer Lovejoy, Arivale

Integrative analysis of data from The Cancer Genome Atlas
Ilya Shmulevich, Institute for Systems Biology

Decoding genome function: Implications for disease genetic
John Stamatoyannopoulos, Altius

Mining big data for associations
Daniela Witten, University of Washington

Sponsor: Axio Research


Fri, Feb 19, 2016, 1:00pm to 5:00pm
UW Tower Auditorium