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You may have your mail forwarded to the department and held for you until you have found a permanent address in Seattle. Please do not send boxes of books to us, however, because we do not have the space to store them, even temporarily. Departmental mail will be placed in your campus mailbox (in the F-wing front office of the Biostatistics Department). You are urged to check it regularly.

The Department uses email extensively for communication. Once you have registered for classes, you should be able to open an email account on the UW system (your “UW Net ID”). You will need to let the Department know your new UW email address so you can be added to the department mailing lists. Questions about email can be answered by our IT group (“BITE"). The Biostat eBulletin, an electronic calendar of events, as well as other information about visitors, seminars, and parties, is routinely sent through email.

The Department of Biostatistics maintains offices for use by Biostatistics students, one PC per student. Each PC runs Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Students are also able to use personally-owned laptop computers. All of the PCs provided by the department can access the department’s Linux servers via SSH and via the X Window System (Xwindows) as well as the University’s central computer servers. The campus has three T-3 lines to the internet backbones and is a member of the “Internet 2” consortium.

Student offices are located in relatively high security areas on the 3rd floor of T-wing, the 1st floor of E-wing and the 6th floor of H-wing. The E-wing and H-wing offices have network ports available for students to connect personally-owned laptop computers; the T-wing offices have recently been added to the campus wireless network.

The department’s Linux servers and the University’s servers are accessible from remote locations (home, hotel, etc.) via the Internet. Much of Seattle has DSL or cable modem highspeed access from home.

Department Intranet (Portal)
The Biostatistics Department maintains an intranet of information that is only accessible to members of the department. Some content is not accessible to all department members (e.g., some information is only for faculty). A valid UW Net ID is required to access Portal. To log in to Portal, click "Department Intranet" at the top right of this web site.

Available Statistical and Mathematics software packages include: Splus, SAS, SPSS, R, Gauss, Stata, Mathematica and Maple. The computers are maintained by “bite” (Biostatistics Information Technology and Education), Phone: 206-616-2725, email: The Department also maintains a Linux-based MOSIX cluster. There are no student charges for computing beyond UW tuition and fees.

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